Hello world!

I got the web server set up. I got the domain set up. I got the certificate set up. I installed wordpress on the server. I already had the dream. And today I bought the ticket.

Last year I got a bike from a yard sale, fitted it up with racks, loaded up the panniers, and went on my first-ever bike tour. I rode the Erie Canal Trail. That was so much fun that I rode the C&O Canal trail.

my bike last summer
my bike last year

And that was so much fun I rebuilt the bike over the winter. I changed the bottom bracket, crankset, pedals, rear cassette, headset, seatpost, stem and handlebars. I got a front rack, front panniers and a camera bag. Then I got a camera. And lenses. And started trying to learn photography. So that I could go on another bike trip and try to document it.

my bike this year

Let’s go touring!

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